New Years Keto Krate Promo

You have heard me raving about Keto Krates before, but I have got to say they really went all out this month. There were so many sweets in this Krate, which I was really excited to see. In all honesty, I haven’t dug into them all yet, as I’m trying to save them for after the New Year when I return to strict keto.

If you’d like to stock up on keto snacks for the new year, now’s the perfect time! Check out the link below for special New Years deal. It’s available tonight only!

Price: : $39.99 at sign up will get you a second Krate FREE, then $39.99/mo for one Krate each month after that, plus a free digital download!

BOGO + A Digital Download of KetoKrate’s BEST Holiday Dessert Recipes


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